Sunday, 29 October 2017

Top-10-list of Moroccan food

We have frequently listed our favourite restaurants in Marrakech but we have never listed what typical food you eat in Morocco, so here we go! The Moroccan kitchen is very delicious and diverse in its flavours, influenced by many different cultures like the Berber, Arab, Jewish, Spanish and French. We have put together a top-10-list of dishes, for all you foodies out there, that you just have to try while visiting Morocco.

Tangine is the national dish of Morocco! 

1. Tagine
This is THE national dish in Morocco! It defines not only the Moroccan cuisine but also the way of life here. Tangine is slow food and you mustn't be in a rush when preparing it. One uses a traditional clay pot and fill it with beef, chicken, fish or vegetables. Then one cooks it for a several hours with special spices and herbs into a magical dish filled with unique flavours! One then eats it with lots of bread in order to collect all the tasty gravy in the pot!

The best Tangines in town are served at our own Riad!

2. Tangia
If Tangine is the Moroccan national dish, the Tanjia is a national dish of Marrakech! It is said that the single men used to cook this in their hammam while they were at work during the day. Cooking it very slowly on low temperature over 7-8 hours. The clay pot is more like an urn and is traditionally filled with beef, chicken or lamb together with the usual spices.

Marrakech is known for this local dish - the Tangia!

3. Couscous
Couscous has its origin from the Berber culture and is always served on Fridays in Marrakech! It is made from semolina grains (durum wheat) together with vegetables and meat cooked in broth. 

In Morocco one eats Couscous every Friday!

4. Briouat
Rachida always makes these delicious treats whenever we have guests over for drinks or as a starter before dinner. Briouats are triangular pastry covered with a paper-thin dough. We always eat the savory briouats filled with chicken, fish or cheese but sometimes Rachida makes them sweet with banana, almonds or chocolate. 

Briouats taste best on a roof terrace on a traditional Riad! And maybe with some champagne! 

5. Pastilla
Another very traditional Moroccan dish is the Pastilla, filled with either chicken or pigeon. It is a true delicacy tasting quite sweet since it is garnished with cinnamon and sugar. 

A favourite dish! Both sweet and savory! 

6. Brochettes
The brochette is like a kebab or a grilled skewer filled with meat, chicken or vegetables. The brochette has usually 5-6 pieces of meat, chicken or fish and is rubbed with salt and spices, often paprika and cumin.

Chicken Brochettes are served best by a little Riad-pool!

7. Tride
Tride is a traditional historic Moroccan dish with chicken, lentils and shredded pancakes. It sounds quite strange but it is just delicious! It is seasoned with Rasel Hanout blend and saffron and often served at very special occasions. In Marrakech you can go to the new restaurant Le Trou Au Mur to taste this amazing dish!

At Le Trou Au Mur you can try Tride and alot of other forogotten Moroccan food!

8. Harira
Harira is a simple lentil soup that is often served as a small starter. It is also served during Ramadan to break the fast at the sunset. Then it is often added with some meat. 

Moroccan Harira Soup - Often served as a starter or to break the fast during Ramadan.

9. Moroccan pancakes - M'smmen
M'smmen - the name says it all! Crispy, flaky and fluffy - all at the same time! Yummie! It is such a delicious pastry, often served for breakfast but also as an afternoon snack. In the Medina you can buy it everywhere in the streets! M'smmen is Morocco's favorite pastry, served warm with honey or argan oil! 

Moroccan pancakes comes in many different sizes and forms!

10. Mint Tea
You cannot write about Moroccan cuisine and food culture without mentioning the Mint Tea. It is the drink you are served as a welcome drink when visiting someone or arriving for the first time to your Riad. The mint tea is not just a hot drink, it is very rooted in the ways of life as a sincere gesture of friendship and hospitality. Walking through the Medina you see people sipping it from tiny glasses and you are always offered some when you are negotiating the price for a carpet. 

Moroccan Mint tea has lots and lots of sugar in it! It's often sweeter than Coca-Cola! 

There are of course several other interesting Moroccan dishes like traditional Offal Medley, Tripe, Cherchma, Berkoukesh and Stuffed Poussin. But start with our top-10 list, if you are a true foodie you are going to love all of these dishes!

Bon Apetite everyone!