Wednesday, 7 March 2018

A Visit to Wonderland

Living in Marrakech you get very spoiled by being constantly exposed to some of the most stunning and amazing properties in the world. Wheather it’s luxury hotels, stylish restaurants, award winning museums or private homes there is an abundance of spectacular architecture and unique interior design wherever you look. Behind the secret doors in the ancient medina lies the hidden courtyard palaces, so called Riads (read more about the art of Riad living HERE) and in the palm grove called the Palmeraie, 10 minutes outside the medina walls, you find some of the most exclusive villas on the planet (read more about the Palmeraie HERE).
The house that has fallen from the sky 

Some of our friends have really cool places in the Red City like Peacock Pavilions belonging to the very stylish designer Maryam Montague, Villa Shiraz that belongs to former UN tycoon Zuzu, Villa Happy that is the home of iconic super model Marisa Berenson, Riad Anayela which is the chic creation of Andrea Bury and Dar JL which is the Marrakech base of a Swedish couple.

Dar JL (photo by James Silverman)
And even though we are very spoiled by being constantly surrounded by beauty and creativity both in our own home and those of our friends there is one mythical and magical place that we heard so many stories about since we first arrived but never visited: Dar El Sadaka. Dar El Sadaka is the private home and creation of French artist Jean-Francois Fortou. It’s a place everyone talks about but very few have visited since it’s not open to the public. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by a property that has an upside down house that appears to haven fallen from the sky, a giant's house where you feel like a midget, real-size art installations of animals everywhere not to mention some amazing luxury villas and some of the worlds finest interior design?
Welcome to Wonderland! 
Always stop and smell the flowers!
Just monkeying around in the livingroom
Amazing art installations by Jean-Francois Fourtou is integrated with the interiors in every room

There is always something around the corner at Dar El Sadaka

There is a donkey in my suite!
We had read about Dar El Sadaka in some interior design magazines and heard many stories about this property so we were of course thrilled to be invited to an intimate lunch with a really cool crowd and finally experience Dar El Sadaka first hand. And wow, what a magical day it was! Like stepping through a mirror and entering a creative wonderland where nothing is what it seems and your senses are constantly challenged. 
 Hanging out with our friend Alexa at Dar El Sadaka
Inside the House That Has Fallen From The Sky, where everything is upsidedown, including us
 Visiting the Giant's House where you feel really small
The stunning villa is a maze with secret gardens, courtyards, parks, terraces and of course a huge swimming pool, cinema, yoga spaces and several lounges. The interiors are spectacular where the creative art installations of Jean-Francois Fourtou blends perfectly with world class interior design. It was also a great pleasure to meet the artist Jean-Francois Fourtou himself and see his latest creation, the Nanintos (see below).

Meet the Nanitos, the latest creative expression of artist Jean-Francois Fourtou. The Nanitos are part vegetables and part humans growing in the vegetable garden of Dar El Sadaka and eventually turning into gardeners helping out on the property. How practical!
Dar El Sadaka is the creation and private property of Jean-Francois Fourtou and is not open for visits. It is however possible to rent the villa for private use. It’s really the perfect place for a luxury retreat or spectacular event. We are definatley going to rent this wonderland of a property and plan a spectacular party here in the future!
The perfect spot for a pool party

Having a pool day
And we’re going to let you in on a little secret. There is actually a way to visit Dar El Sadaka even if you don´t know the owners or rent the entire property for a magical party. At certain times if you book a vintage bike ride with Insiders Experience that is possible to combine it with a lunch at the Giants house at Dar El Sadaka and visit the gardens. 
You never know what´s around the corner in Marrakech!

Marrakech is such a magical place and we keep discovering new treasures all the time. You never know what`s around the corner. Beauty, adventure and fun is for sure always there.

With love from Wonderland