Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Tangier Revisited

Welcome to Tangier!

Tangier, located on the Atlantic coast, is such a cool place. From the first time we went there (more about that HERE ) we just loved the vibe of this city that used to be a free-zone some decades ago and still has a mysterious and decadent ambience. After all, what is there not to love about a place that is described like this in the guide books: "Tangier served as playground for excentric millionaires, a meeting place for all kinds of spies and crooks. A place for sin and decadence."  

Hello Tangier, great to be back!

So to celebrate Per's birthday we decided to take a road trip and head back to Tangier for some food and fun. We met up with our driver and 6 hours later we arrvied in Tangier and WOW was it great to be back!

We checked into legendary luxury hotel Villa De France

 Tangier by night
Street art in Tangier
 So many cool art deco buildings in Tangier, like this legendary theatre
 This cave, called Hercule's Cave, has the shape of Africa (in reverse)
 Cool caves
For Per's birthday we were off to chic Villa Josephine, overlooking Tangier and the coast. Such a stylish place!

 Villa Josephine
 The birthday-boy is kicking off 46 in style
Cicero also enjoyed Tangier

As always when we travel it's all about food and wine. Villa Josephine had an amazing fine dining restaurant that we just loved. We were also happy to re-visit our favorite restaurant O´Saveur that was great as always. We also tried out the brilliant food of Villa De France and a new cool restaurant called Club Morocco, in the old medina of Tangier.

 The restaruant of Villa De France
 O´Saveur is always a great dining experience, we went there twice during this trip.
 The cool restaurant Club Morocco is a new favourite in Tangier.
Cicero joined us for some pet-friendly bar-hoping.
Thanks Tangier, you rock!

If you need a bit of decadence and luxury in your life, go to Tangier!

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sahara Desert Revisited

Welcome to the Sahara Desert!
Three years ago we visited the Sahara Desert and it was truly a great expereince. Back then we went to the Zagora parts of the Sahara. You can read more about that trip HERE. To reach the outskirts of the real Sahara Desert it takes at least 8-9 hours of driving, so you need at least three days to for a nice trip to the desert. The journey from Marrakech to Sahara is really beautiful and offers some really breathtaking nature experiences, and if you take it slow and spend one night in a nice kasbah hotel on the way it is really an unforgettable trip.
There are by the way some great luxury desert camp sites close to Marrakech in the Agfay Desert, like the Scarabeo camp, but that is in a stone desert and can not really be compared to the real Sahara sand desert.

The drive from Marrakech to the Sahara takes about 8-9 hours and offers some spectacular nature experiences.

It´s a good idea to stop for a night on the way to the Sahara, we checked into the stylish kasbah hotel Xaluca Dades, located half way between the Red City and the desert.

When we started to feel the urge to return to the Sahara Desert we decided to explore the Merzuga part of the it and once again we embarked on a scenic route from the Red City over the Atlas Mountains towards the sandy dunes of the Sahara. After a beautiful drive where we explored some amazing caves and spent a night a beautiful kasbah hotel, we finally reached our destination, the ERG Chebbi Luxury Camp, a five-star desert camp site, nestled among some stunning dunes in the middle of the desert.

 We stayed in our own private desert camp site, nestled among some impressive Sahara dunes.
The ERG Chebbi Luxury Camp was truly five-star offering comfortable tents with huge bathrooms and hot showers as well as excellent dining experiences, bartenders and great service all in the middle of the Sahara desert.
 The stylish camp site even had red carpets!
They lit lots of lanterns every night, to match the starry skies, which made the experience even more magical.
 The Sahara desert is truly spectacular.
 Sahara sunrise moments
Those Sahara dunes 

 Hello desert adventure!
 Exploring the Sahara on a camel is a must. We had a 2 hour ride with a Moroccan tea ceremony among the dunes.
We thought we pulled off the Lawrence of Arabia style rather well! Right?!
We spent three days exploring this beautiful part of the Sahara by camel and by foot. The striking thing in the Sahara Desert is the total silence as well as the amazing clear skies. Star gazing here at night is a mindblowing experience. It is also the perfect place for relaxing, reading books, reflecting on life and getting totally off-line. To be WiFi-free for a couple of days is actually very cleansing!
Those sweet Sahara sunsets
 Amazing nights in the desert
 Our tent at night
 Glamping - camping in style with cocktails on the dunes
 Exploring the Sahara is so much fun
Sahara is always a great experience, we will soon be back!
Thanks Toubkal Guide for planning such a great trip for us, it was world class! To explore the magic of the Sahara Desert in a private and five-star setting is a very unique experience that we can strongly recommend. Alongside Machu Picchu in Peru, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazonas rainforests and the safaris in Kenya, Botswana and Namibia, this is one of our favourite nature experiences.
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