Thursday, 27 September 2018

Marrakech Autumn Season 

It’s the beginning of October and since a few weeks we are back in Marrakech. This is an amazing time of the year. While Europe is moving into the autumn darkness we still have summer in Morocco with sunny days and temperatures around 30 degrees. The Atlas Mountains are clearly visible, the gardens and parks are blooming and lunches are best enjoyed on the roof terrace. Returning to Marrakech in September is like going back to school and getting back into the good routines like going to the gym, eating healthier and catching up with all our friends. A lot of ex-pats leave Marrakech for the heat wave in June, July and August. When September comes we are all back energized and ready to rock the Kasbah once again.

Autumn in Marrakech is the best!

It’s great to be back in the Red City and the crazy ancient Medina we call home. It’s been busy weeks catching up with our Red City PR team and clients. Our communications agency operates on full capacity also when we are in Italy or Sweden thanks digital solutions and our very talented local team. We are starting to work with several exciting new clients and projects this autumn as well continuing to support the 20+ brands we already work with.

One of the meeting rooms of Red City PR, working in Marrakech has it’s perks.

Living here in Marrakech is an adventure and even though you need to get out once in a while to escape the exotic madness of the Medina it’s always great fun to return. Spending the summer in Italy and Sweden we really missed our little Riad, our housekeeper Rachida, our Red City PR team of talents, our clients, our dear friends and of course our cat Trassel.

Our cat Trassel och dog Cicero were finally reunited.

The beauty of living in Marrakech, except the amazing weather, the exotic setting and our business, is a great social life and so many brilliant friends and fun times. The autumn is high season for many exciting events, lavish parties, long lunches and intimate dinners in beautiful villas and stylish Riads with inspiring people from all over the world. So we keep busy also at night with all that this little town on the edge of the desert has to offer. Over the past weeks we have been catching up with our Marrakech tribe of friends over lunches and dinners and going to some cool parties as well as our favorite restaurants. The expat social scene here is so much fun!

We both work hard and play hard in Marrakech. Here are some examples of what last weeks social calendar included.

Hanging out with best friends Maryam, Chris and our Project Soar director Michelle at the trendy restaurant Barometer.

Iconic supermodel and actress Marisa Berenson invited us over for a brilliant lunch in her magnificent villa.

Catching up with Alice De Jenlis over a vegetarian lunch

A great dinner party in UN tycoon Zuzu's villa.

Checking out the vintage car show at Es Saadi Palace

And then checking out some new cars over brunch at Royal Palm during the Gentlemen Drivers award event.

Back at Marisa's place for an amazing Cuban party for Jean-Michel! This sure was the party of the season with a really cool international crowd.

Life is always good around jetsetting friend Didier.

Party time at Villa Happy, Marisa Berenson's villa

Good times with Andrea planning the TEDx event and working on ABURY projects.

It really was a great week with lots of fun! Now we are looking forward to the International Film Festival kicking off in end-November and some other fun events. Marrakech really is the best place to enjoy autumn, both from a weather and social point of view.

Rock the Kasbah!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Living in Morocco

So why would you choose to live in Morocco and what are the pros and cons? We have touched on this subject in precious blog posts (for instance HERE). Morocco is not an easy lover but once you make the transition for real, not just being a traveler passing by for a month or a year, a new world opens up. People have been drawn here for centuries and there are good reasons for that.

Eternal summer and beautiful homes

Why Morocco?
  • The weather! Over 300 days of sun per year, eternal summer with (almost) constant sun and clear blue skies.
  • The fusion of exotic Arabic and European chic is irresistible
  • Beautiful architecture and amazing crafts
  • Rich history and culture
  • Easy access to Europe
  • Good real estate market, great time to invest here.
  • The mystique, the smells, the sounds, the light, the magic

Life is better in an olive grove

Stunning architecture

The best with living in Morocco:
  • The beauty and diversity. This Kingdom features amazing deserts, beautiful mountains, green valleys, deep canyons, stunning beaches and the most breathtaking sceneries. 
  • A lifestyle where there is hardly any stress or keeping track of time. People are in the moment.
  • A surprisingly easy business climate for entrepreneurs
  • Marrakech is one of the most cosmopolitan and fun cities in the world with amazing restaurants and a night life second to none.
  • It’s easy to live and enjoy a privileged lifestyle with great service.
  • The social scene, it’s always so much fun stuff going on
  • The interesting people. Morocco attracts a certain kind of people and the expat community is made up of an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, billionaires, supermodels, artists, fashion designers, architects, humanitarians, adventurers, yogis, backpackers and students that all blend together.
  • You can have anything designed and custom made by the most skilled craftsmen which makes renovating and unique decorating great fun and affordable.
  • You can make a difference in the local community and do good for a lot of people if you want to.

Always good times with an international crowd of fun friends.

The challenges of living in Morocco:
  • The fact that no one keeps track of time or seem to think two steps ahead is truly frustrating when you run projects and renovations.
  • THE TAXI DRIVERS! They are often rude and try to skin you if you look like a tourist. We got our own car with a driver just to avoid the local taxi drivers.
  • The traffic is quite chaotic and the fast moving mopeds in the Medina are just terrible.
  • The bureaucracy, a lot of things require a lot of papers with a lot of stamps.
  • Marrakech is a liberal city where co-existence is important and different ways of living are embraced. Having said that there are still big cultural differences and challenges regarding equality, animal rights and social security.
  • Attention to details, fine-tuning and quality with the finish can sometimes be missing.
  • Corruption is present.
  • Haggling can be fun if you are in the mood but frustrating when not.

Exotic is sometimes fun and sometimes not.

We sure love to live in Morocco, embracing all the good as well as the challenges! We are really happy to not just be travelers passing through but to be an established part of the community here in Marrakech. Over the past years we have created a leading communications agency Red City PR, worked to expand the charity organization Project Soar to be nation wide and continued to develop TEDxMarrakesh event where we spread great ideas and new thoughts. We are happy and proud to call Morocco our home (oh, well one of our three homes).

With love from Morocco where we celebrate to just have bought a new house in Sweden. More about that later.

Keep exploring!