Sunday, 14 October 2018

Back to Borneo, Part II

We are still on Borneo!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be back on Borneo and staying for 12 days at the stunning Shangri-La hotel in the Rasa Ria nature reserve. It’s been a great time so far and even though we decided to mostly relax and take it easy we have been up some exploring and adventures as well. After all, Borneo features not only splendid luxury and unparalleled service but also stunning nature and exotic adventures. Here are a few examples of what we have been up to between the beach, the pool and all the great lunches and dinners here in paradise.

We spent a lot of time getting pampered in the spa suites

The Rasa Ria reserve is one of the finest national parks in the world and we occasionally left our little luxury capsule and did some trekking, bird watching, wild life safari and canopy walkways and exploring the amazing rain forest and nature surrounding us here on Borneo.

The Rasa Ria nature reserve

Jungle and ocean

Canopy walk ways

The stunning Rasa Ria nature reserve

Looking for wildlife

Two Swedes on top of the world

Time for water sports!

Parasailing is so much fun!

Up and away!

We also explored the river deltas of Borneo cruising the many rivers and spotting crocodiles, monkeys, birds as well as fishing for crab. We also visited a water village and fish farms nestled in the mangrove swamps.

River excursion

The river delta

Stunning nature

A local fish farm

A day on the river

A private wine tour trying some amazing wines

A little horse back ride along the beach

Lovely views from here too!

One day we went to a crocodile farm where they work to perserve and study these fascinating creatures

After almost 12 days in this amazing little paradise, nestled in the rain forest and facing the South China Sea, it is soon time to head back to reality to work on some major projects both in Morocco and Scandinavia. It has been truly magical to be back on Borneo and to once again explore the amazing nature and all the beauty. Soon we will board or Etihad flights and leave, but it is still time for one last walk along the beautiful beach and one last stunning sunset.

Goodbye Shangri-La!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Back to Borneo, Part I

Back to Borneo!

All stories have a beginning an our story started 15 years ago with a proposal in Paris followed by a wedding ceremony on Borneo, after all, so much more exotic than a church in Sweden. And our life has been an ongoing adventure ever since.

Perfect spot to get hitched

That time, 14 years ago, we traveled all over Borneo. We visited the orangutans in Sepilok. We climbed Mount Kinabalu. We watched turtle eggs hatch and helped the turtle babies to reach the ocean. We did all kinds of water sports. We swam in hot springs. We roamed rural night markets. We explored the rain forest. We admired all wild life. We found hidden gems off the beaten tracks. And in the end we went to the stunning Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort, nestled in a national reserve and with a beautiful beach facing the South China Sea, located on a small island just off the coast of Borneo. And that’s where we said "I do" in a very intimate ceremony. A pretty brilliant trip and wedding, if you ask us.

Shangri-La Rasa Ria, a little 5-star luxury paradise in the middle of the rain forest.

We always said we would return for our 10th wedding anniversary but when that day came we ended up in New York to celebrate instead. Now, exactly 14 years later, it was finally time to go back, back to Borneo.

The journey from Morocco to Borneo takes 24 hours. We traveled Casablanca-Abu Dhabi-Kuala Lumpur-Kota Kinabalu in style with Etihad in their Business Suite so we actually enjoyed the trip.

It’s always a risk to return to favorite places you haven’t visited in a while. Staff may have changed, service level could have gone downhill, maintenance could been non sufficient, what used to be secluded could have been exploited and trendy could have turned trivial. We had no reason to worry as it turned out. Shangri-La Rasa Ria was just as magical as last time, in fact it was even more luxurious than we remembered it. A new part, the ocean wing, had been added hosting the most exclusive suites with a private lobby, brilliant service, amazing interiors, total privacy and limousine service on stand-by.

The private lobby for ocean wing suites of Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort

We stayed in a huge and stylish suite in the newly added ocean wing.

A room with a view over the South China Sea

Even the bath tub had a great view

Waking up to this view every day.

The first time we visited Borneo we were very active. This time we decided to take it easy and just stay at the resort for 12 days. We read books, relaxed, lounged, watched the stunning sunsets, had breakfast on our terrace, lunches on the beach and dinners in the many great restaurants of the hotel (featuring everything from fine dining to Italian casual dining and local cuisine). We swam in the ocean and in the pools. We talked. We laughed. We went horse riding along the beach (on the horses of the King of Brunei). We had a great time. And we actually did a little work for Red City PR as well. Wonderful, lazy, sunny days in paradise.

Pool days

Beautiful long sandy beaches

Paradise found

A lakeside lunch

We keep finding spectacular sunsets wherever we go

Evening mood at Shangri-La

Good Night from Borneo.

If someone wonders about Cicero (who normally always travels with us), he stayed at home in Marrakech this time. Per’s parents flew in to take care of him during our absence from Morocco so he will get lots of love, really long walks and excellent company while we continue to explore Borneo.

We are staying on Borneo a while longer so stay tuned for updates!
With love from Shangri-La