Sunday, 11 November 2018

The Dalarö Project

Dalarö - a charming and genuine little village by the ocean, close to Stockholm

After we sold our town house in central Stockholm last year our Swedish base has been our house on the island Runmarö in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. We really love that place and also the island. This summer however we felt that life was a bit limited on an island. It takes about 60 min from Runmarö to central Stockholm and also requires some planning with boats, busses etc. We started reflecting that we wanted a new base in Sweden. Something on the mainland, close to Stockholm, with easy car access but still close to the ocean and the archipelago that we love. Our plan for 2019 is to divide our time more equally between Morocco, Italy and Sweden so then it would be nice with a bigger house closer to the Stockholm. We started looking at potential location and several different houses... then we found Dalarö.

Dalarö in the Stockholm archipelago

For us Dalarö was the perfect place: a genuine little village beautifully located in the Stockholm archipelago, accessible by car and only 30 minutes from Stockholm city. Dalarö is a vibrant little community with several restaurants, shops, bakeries and charming houses as well as the most beautiful sand beach in Sweden. We viewed a few properties in the area and fell in love with a charming little house built in 1809 and one of the oldest ones on Dalarö. The house was well maintained and featured many charming original details as well as all modern comforts like a new kitchen, new bathroom, central heating etc. The house is beautifully located by the water and surrounded by old fruit trees and and a lush garden.

Our new Swedish home.

The house looks small from the outside but is actually quite spacious inside. There is a huge kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a veranda, a study and 3 bedrooms.

View from the terrace

Welcome home!

The kitchen

Original stove from 1809 (there is a modern one as well)

One of the rooms

The archipelago around the corner

We will get the keys and access to the house in December so we will spend Christmas getting the house operational. It feels great to have a new base in Sweden that is both close to the city and close to nature. We plan to also work from here part of the year.

Happy to have signed our new house in Sweden!

We are writing this blog from our terrace in Morocco where we enjoy a beautiful and sunny November but in a few days it will be time to relocate for a while.

Au Revoir!

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