Monday, 10 December 2018

A Day in Italy (in photos)

One of the most asked question we get from family, friends and complete strangers is "what does an ordinary day look like in Italy (or in Marrakech)?" The obvious answer is that there aren´t really any ordinary days in our lives anymore. In the previous blog post we wrote about what it´s like living in Italy (it’s pretty great!) and now it’s time to share in photos what a day could look like here in our medieval hilltop town south of Rome. Come join us for a day in Italy!

07:00 Waking up in our townhouse to this spectacular view over Arpino

07:30 Morning walk with Cicero and a cappuccino in one of the coffee shop around the piazza

08:00 Working on different Red City PR projects from the terrace with this view. Taking some Skype meetings with clients as well as our team in Marrakech.

11:00 Taking a beautiful 10 km run in the hills around Arpino. 

13:00 Driving into Rome for business meetings, lunch and some shopping

13:30 Lunch meeting with a client at iconic Hotel d'Inghilterra in Rome to plan some exciting new Red City PR projects in Italy.

16:00 Back in Arpino and going for a long walk with Cicero including playing with some local dogs.

17:00 Patrick is working on some digital projects for our Red City PR clients while Per is having a board meeting via Skype.

18:30 Continuing to do some work while enjoying a stunning Arpino sunset from our terrace and maybe also an apertivo.

19:00 Getting the Christmas tree ready at Casa Colle

20:00 Checking out the Christmas decorations in Arpino on our way to dinner.

20:30 Attending a fun dinner in a stunning palazzo belonging to a friend.

21:00 Good times with friend and neighbour Annie.

23:30 Evening walk with Cicero in our street.

24:00 Lights out after another day in Aprino, Italy.

We really enjoy the Italian lifestyle and our days here in Arpino are filled with beautiful nature, great food, nice friends and we also somehow manage to get a lot of work done. December has been beautiful with sunny days and temperatures around 20-22c. Now it is soon time to head to Sweden and the cold for a couple of weeks and get our new Swedish base at Dalarö operational but we will soon return to Arpino and our little townhouse Casa Colle.

Happy Holidays!

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