Two Swedes deciding to move to Morocco and be a part of daily life in the buzzing, crazy and fantastic Marrakech medina. Both in our (very early) 40's and having had - in our opinions - very interesting and fun careers we started to feel a longing for something else, something new. Breaking free from daily routines and finding an alternative way of living. The idea probably started already when we bought our house, a small "Riad", in Marrakech 2012. A home away from home, where the sun always shines, the people are friendly and you can live a really good life at a reasonable cost.

We have spent a lot of time traveling the globe and our favorite spots include Galapagos, Rome, New York, Kenya, Botswana, Cuba, Peru and of course Marrakech.

This is us, Patrick & Per

Patrick has worked as Sales & Marketing Manager in the film industry (Sandrew Metronome), heading a business unit for a leading publishing house (Norstedts) and his latest position was as Head of Communication at the the Royal Dramatic Theater, responsible for brand, sales, marketing and PR. 

Patrick in 5 words: Tall, Calm, Analytical, Fun, Daredevil
Best about Marrakech according to Patrick: The great food and all the adventures

Per has been working as Managing Director for Fiskars Sweden . He has previously worked in the fashion industry as Global Marketing Director for power brand H&M and Managing Director for preppy Gant. Per is also on the board of directors of several companies.

Per in 5 words: Talkative, Positive, Energetic, Fun, Impatient
Best about Marrakech according to Per: the relaxed lifestyle and all the fun people

Cicero, our Swedish dachshund, and Trassel, an adopted street cat from Marrakech, are part of our little tribe


Originally this blog was called "A Year in Marrakech" and was refelcting what was supposed to be a one year break from the rat race of being an executive in Scandinavia. However, after one year in the red city we had so many new friends and new projects going on that returning to Sweden felt impossible. So we quit our old jobs for good and made our riad in Marrakech our permanent base. And the blog was accordingly re-named to "A Life in Marrakech".

We have successfully founded a communications firm, Red City PR, that has quickly become a leading PR and communications agency in Morocco and works with several exciting clients. We have a charity project called Project Soar that empowers Moroccan girls and helps them stay in school and we are also the organizers of TEDxMarrakesh. We study Arabic when we have the time and Per continues with his board assignments as Chairman of the board of directors for fashion chain Lindex, beauty retailer Lyko Group, communications group Nordic Morning and design agency Identity Works as well as being a board member of  Stockmann . So Per travels back to Scandinavia once a month or so to work on these board assignments while Patrick heads the growing Red City PR business.

So we keep both busy and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle here in Morocco. We still have our summer house out on the island Runmarö in the Stockholm archipelago and also bought a town house in Italy, south of Rome in the stunning little town Arpino. So the plan is to continue to use Marrakech as our main base but also spend some time in Italy (and Sweden).


Why would anyone buy a house in Northern Africa and move there from stylish, safe and clean Stockholm and at the same time leave well paid jobs you may ask yourself (and indeed a lot of people have asked us this).

 Smells, Colors, Patterns, Textiles

Our love-affair with Marrakech started with work, having global jobs in fashion and entertainment/film, which took us to this vibrant city that is great for photo-shoots and filming  thanks to the abundance of natural light. After falling under the spell of ”the red city” we spent some time in different Riads and hotels exploring the many faces of Marrakech as tourists.

  View from our roof-top terrace at Riad Arabe

In 2012 we bought our own little riad in the medina and called it Riad Arabe. Since that day we have visited Marrakech every second month trying to find a way to have the city as a more permanent base. In the autumn of 2014 we both felt we were ready for a longer stay so we told our CEO:s we wanted time off, rented out our house in Stockholm and decided to move to the Red City for 12 months.This little adventure turned into such a nice experience that we decided to stay on, left our permanent jobs and created a new, more flexible and fun life for ourselves in Northern Africa. It has been a great ride so far and the adventures continue.

For centuries Marrakech has attracted the most curious, creative and talented people on the planet. We wanted to join the fans.

Why Marrakech?

For us the main reasons were:
  • The exotic Arabic culture combined with the French food and sense of style - the best of two worlds!
  • Fantastic climate all year round
  • Possible to buy great property for a reasonable price (perhaps even a good investment?)
  • Vibrant city that truly is like stepping 1000 years back in time
  • Low cost of living, employing staff, renovating etc as well as great craftsmanship available
  • Warm and friendly people with a fantastic sense of humor
  • Easy access - a different world just a 5 hour flight away. 
  • The "jet-set scene" of the Arabic world in combination with the strong French influences ensuring great restaurants, bars and clubs while at the same time maintaining the ancient mystique of 1001 nights.
  • An explosion of impressions, smells, colors, patterns and sounds
  • The views of the Atlas mountains and the dramatic sunsets over the medina
  • Interesting history and a modern, liberal Arabic country

This blog will reflect our life in Morocco with some additional inspiration from Italy and Sweden as well as being the number one insiders guide to the Red City that we love and adore.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

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