Saturday, 14 February 2015

Snow in Morocco!

On our way to the top, Oukaimden, Morocco

We are Swedes and used to snow, cold weather and darkness. In Scandinavia, October-March is cold and dark. Normally we have snow from November/December until February/March. It is not unusual that the temperature can drop to -10/-25C in this period and its dark more or less around the clock.

It can however be very beautiful with the white sparkling snow and the calm that comes with all noises being reduced by the soft snow that embeds the landscape. You can go skiing and skating. However, after a while it gets too much. At least for us. The constant darkness and cold weather were some of the reasons for us to get a place in the sun.

You can get a taste of the Swedish winter in the pictures below, they are from the island Runmarö outside Stockholm where we have our weekend house.

 Runmarö, winter time 2013

Winter at Runmarö

So far so good, everyone knows Sweden is cold and snowy during winter (and we actually miss our beautiful little island). But did you know that you can find snow in Morocco and that you can go skiing just a 1,5 hour drive from Marrakech? 

Oukaimden 2015

Oukaimden is the ski resort where you December-March can find snow just a short drive from the heat in the Marrakech medina. You can go for a day, rent the equipment when you get there, take the lifts to the top, enjoy the slops, have a nice wine lunch and go back.

Plenty of snow in Morocco

Tuesday this week we called our driver and once again took the scenic road to Oukaimden and enjoyed a beautiful sunny and snowy day with -2C, just 1,5 hours from Marrakech where the temperature at the same day was 22C. 

On our way to Oukaimden on February 17

 On the road to Oukaimden

 A very nice french restaurant in Oukaimden, called Chez JuJu

Chez JuJu, excellent French food and wine

 Patrick, Annelie, Per and Stefan enjoying Oukaimden, December 2013

Here we go

On our way to the top

Riding horses

We just love the contrasts you can experience in the same day here, we had a day of fun, sun and snow. We enjoyed a great lunch, took a horse ride, went up to the top of the mountains and in the afternoon headed back home to the medina.
Palm trees, sun and snow - all in the same day!

Do you feel like taking a day trip to Oukaimden and go skiing? Then you should contact our friend Maria and and book. Her company M Travel can arrange all kind of trips and excursions, Also check out her Riad Saba as well. Its a beautiful place!

Bye for now!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow