Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Mothership of Gyms

There are gyms and there are GYMS. Since we arrived to Marrakech we have been trying to keep fit by running and we also want to find a gym/health club. We went to a recommended gym in Gueliz (the new town of Marrakech) that was really like a celler from the 80:s. We hated it. Was this really the only option for a gym mebership that Marrakech had to offer?

So instead we set out to visit some luxuary hotels that also offer membership to their spas and health clubs. We went to a couple of really nice places and had almost decided to join the health club and spa of Sofitel when a friend in town (thank you Maria!) mentioned Palace Es Saadi, a well kept luxuary secret in Marrakech.

Palace Es Saadi is a five star hotel and resort that also hosts the casino of Marrakech. And they have a fantastic spa and health club that you can join.

The membership of the health club of Es Saadi includes unlimited seassion with your personal trainer and access to the spa and Christian Dior Institut. There are great swimming pools both indoor and outdoor and huge hamams. A lot of spa treatments are included as well. You also have access to tennis and badminton. Its a fab place.

Its pricy for being Marrakech but OK compared to Swedish luxuary health clubs. We of course signed up during our first visit. Check it out below!

One year membership at the Palace Spa

The entrance to the spa and health club is quite spacious...

Very nice changing rooms with beautiful wooden lockers 

Palace Es Saadi is one of very few spas in the world featuring the Dior Institut - very posh spa treatments and beautiful settings to stay young and healthy forever....

Original Christian Dior drawings hang on the walls of the gym/spa, a nice touch after a sweaty work out seassion

And also some celebrity photos...

Part of the gym area with a view of the palace gardens

You always work out with your own personal trainer in your own room, this is the work out room for our private seassions.

Happy to work out here! We aim to train every second day with our PT

This is Yousf, our fantastic PT

After your work out you can relax in this area with fruit, berries, water, tea and pampering by the staff.

There is a huge indoor pool 

Ice machine to cool off after the hamams
We counted to 8 different hamams and saunas with different temperaturs, lights and sound therapies

The outdoor pool is amazing, the biggest one we have ever seen (it goes on in all directions also outside this picture)

The pool bar

So there are absolutley no excuses not to stay fit. We love to both work out and hang out at this palace and will make it part of our daily routines. Once again Marrakech delivers above and beyond our expectations.

Now its however a short break from the luxuary, freedom and sun in Marrakech as Per is heading back to snowy Sweden for some board meetings and Patrick will study French. Saturday we will be back to Palace Es Saadi.

Beach 2015 may actually be doable....