Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Atlas Retreats Part I: Kasbah Tamadot

We love the Atlas mountains and have travelled through them many times and visited various parts of the mountains over the years. Last week, to celebrate Patrick's birthday, we headed up once again. This time to luxurious Kasbah Tamadot, located one hour's drive from Marrakech.

Welcome to kasbah Tamadot, Sir Richard Bransons luxury Atlas retreat!

The story of Kasbah Tamadot is a well known one. British billionaire Sir Richard Branson was trying to fly a hot air balloon from Morocco to France and waiting for the right wind he and his mother stumbled upon beautiful Kasbah Tamadot with amazing views and filled with precious antiquities. Branson's  mother Eve fell in love with the place and had a vision of creating a unique top end Atlas retreat for condesending travllers. She asked her son to buy the property and Richard agreed on one condition, that his mother would take care of the neighbouring villages and improve their standard of living. 

Philantrophist Eve Branson, 91, is the heart behind Kasbah Tamadot . She also hosts the annual Polo tournament in Marrakech.

Eve agreed and today Kasbah Tamadot is a very posh retreat and the Eve Branson foundation continues to do good for everyone living in the area. With Richard at this time in Morocco was not only his mother but also his sister, Vanessa Branson, who fell in love with Marrakech and started buying properties in the medina. Today 7 riads are connected and known as El Fenn, a trendy boutique hotel favored by fashionistas and celebrities. So the atempted, but failed, trial to set a world record with a hot air balloon instead generated two luxury hotels.

The Kasbah Tamadot consists of several court yards, this one outside our suite was our favorite.

Spectacualar views over the Atlas mountains from the huge infinity pool

A room with a view, we were amazed by the setting and suroundings of Kasbah Tamadot

Beauty everywhere you look

The food was excellent and we enjoyed three course lunches and dinners on different terraces

Feel like swinging?

Some of the animals of Kasbah Tamadot. And two Swedes.

Indoor pool and a very nice spa and hamam as well

Attention to every detail, a well stocked mini bar for free, thanks Richard!

Birthday boy Patrick, celebrating in style

A lot of nice spots to hang out with a book or a cocktail

Waiting for lunch on the terrrace

Spectacular views everywhere you look

Beautiful landscaped gardens


Lounging by the pool

Lounge area by day, outdoor cinema by night

Amazing Kasbah Tamadot

The Kasbah at night and yes, we went for a midnight swim every night!

This was a truly five star experience. The location is out of this world, the service is fantastic, the food amazing and the energy of the place is truly magical. The mini bar may be free but staying here is quite expensive. The rooms start at 600 Euro/night, the master suite is 2.500 Euro/night. Full board is 80 Euro/day - we recommend you book the full board package, it is very good value for money and has to be booked in advance. The accomodation consists of rooms/suites in the actual kasbah building and free standing luxury tents located some 100 metres from the main building. There is a total of 27 room/suites/tents. We prefered the suites in the kasbah building with beautiful views and small patios, even though the tents are considered more exclusive and therefore more expensive.

Thanks Sir Richard and Eve Branson for a great stay, we will be back!

Kasbah Tamadot is one of several unique and luxurious properties owned by Sir Richard Branson and known as Virgin Limited Edition. Other properties available in this fine collection are Necker Island, the yacht Necker Belle, Roof Gardens in London, the Lodge in Verbier, Mont Rochelle and Ulusaba both in South Africa. We are dying to check them all out! Sir Richard, you sure know how to pick them.

Rock the Kasbah!