Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Studying & going back to Scandinavia

Magical Marrakech has been our base and home for almost 5 months now but there have also been some trips outside Morocco, mostly related to Per's board work. We really enjoy spending as much time as possible in Morocco. It is however important for us to leave the country at least every 3 months due to our visas. So the last few days we have been back in our old hoods, Scandinavia, while Disco is keeping an eye on things with Rachida in the Riad.

Right now Scandinavia is green, lush and beautiful! The days are long and nights are short with only a week away from Midsummer. This picture is from Helsinki yesterday.

Before we left we had some busy weeks with our studies and several university exams online (which we passed with great grades, YAY!). Believe it or not, but we are actually studying quite hard here, both online with Swedish universities as well as having a private teacher here in Marrakech to improve language skills etc.

We have had two big French exams in the last weeks - both passed with honors!

So we celebrated our success with a pool party with lots of fun people.

Then it was time to leave the streets of the medina and head back to Scandinavia

Disco stayed in the Riad with Rachida and kept an eye on things

Patrick's niece Julia graduated from high school. End June she will visit us in Marrakech

We met up with our dear friends Kristina & Niklas to celebrate the Swedish National Day (June 6) in their beautiful home outside Göteborg.

Beautiful Annelie on her roof terrace in Stockholm (picture from our last visit)

Per had several strategy days with the boards he is on. Above is the amazing board of Lindex, where he is the cahirman. There was also board and strategy meetings with Stockmann in Finland

Some airport shopping on the way back home, to Marrakech. Hermes is hard to find in Morocco

And now we are heading back to our home, Marrakech. 

It is amazing how quickly Marrakech has become our home in a natural way. We sure feel strange when we leave to go back to the hectic business life of Scandinavia and we are suprised (like foreigners) how clean, minimalistic and structured Scandinavia is. Where are the noice, the traffic chaos, the colours, the dust, the calls to prayer? We may have changed more than we realised in these past 5 months.

And now, after some fun days with family, friends, colder climate and board work it is high time to head back home, back to our beloved Marrakech. Back to Disco who is lazying about in the riad and back to Rachida who is preparing one of her amazing tangines.

Longing to get back home!

But in a few days we are off again, this time to mythical Tangier up North, stay tuned for a report!

Bon Voyage and be safe, wherever you are!