Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Our favorite blogging friends

Dear Blog Reader, 
Thank you for following our blog "A Year in Marrakech" and being part of our virtual tribe. What started out as a small travel blog to keep family and friends up to speed with our adventures in Morocco turned into a very popular source of information for those who seek insiders tips on Marrakech and Morocco or just want to learn more about our life here in the Red City. After some features of our blog in a few fashion Magazines our number of readers increased dramatically. We frequently run into people in Marrakech who use our blog to plan their trips and we really appreciate all the positive feedback we get. Thank you all for being part of our journey!

Our blog A Year in Marrakech started our as a travel diary for family and friends but soon found a global audience. Above is one of the early posts.

We have been at it for more than a year now. We posted our very first blog post on October 29, 2014, and on January 17, 2015, we moved to Morocco and the adventures of living in the medina of Marrakech begun. We have loved every second of it and try to share our honest opinions about our new country and the places we go to. Our blog has always been 100% advertise free and will continue to be so, only what we truly like make it into our blog. This blog has always been a passion project and we have posted more or less one blog post a week since we started out a year ago, a total of 69 posts including this one.

Today we have approx 25.000 unique readers (our latest one reached 24.779 readers all over the world. Most readers are based in Sweden, Morocco, US, South America, Spain, UK and Finland. 

If there are any special topics or questions you would like us to cover or feedback on the blog in general we would love to hear from you! Email us at and we will try to cover your requests in future blog posts!

Our top-5 most popular blog posts since the start are:

If you want some more inspiration about Morocco we invite you to discover some excellent blogs by our friends, check them out - we are sure you will love them!

My Marrakesh, by Maryam Montague
This was the first blog we started to read about Morocco and our main source of information and inspiration before moving here. The author Maryam, who also owns beautiful boutique hotel Peacock Pavilions and is the writer of the best selling book Marrakesh by design, blogs from her olive grove and she soon became a very dear friend. This award winning blog is very well written and filled with inspiration and secrets. If you want to bring some of the Moroccan magic you read about into your home you will find hidden treasures in her stylish online shop. My Marrakesh is the only Africa based blog that has ever been in the Blog Awards Hall of Fame and in our opinion the best blog around.

Marrakech Maria, by Maria Sebnat Martin
This blog is in Swedish and contains a lot of travel ideas, practical information and insiders tips. Maria is the Morocco expert of Swedish travel magazine "Res" and she also runs guest house Riad Saba. Maria has been based for 18 years in Morocco and is a fun loving Swede that is also working on the 6th edition of the Marrakech Biennale (MB6). If you read Swedish you will find a lot of inspiration here. Should you need help to plan your trip or event in Morocco Marias other company Marrakech Travel Company will be happy to make your 1001-night dreams come true.


Alice Out There by Alice Morrison
Alice is an adventurer with capital "A". She has crossed Morocco by foot, climbed the highest mountains, trekked all over Africa and completed some of the worlds toughest adventure competitions and races. Alice has an amazing attitude towards life and is a true source of inspiration. She blogs about her adventures, life and how to challenge yourself. We are so very proud to have her as our sports instructor at Project Soar, coaching our girls. Alice - you rock!

Coco Morocco by Marlene Pauly
If you are looking for property in Morocco this is the blog for inspiration and facts. Marlene combines beautiful and inspirational pictures from unique properties with practical information about buying real eatate here in Morocco. Stylish and informative. Also intel on lifestyle, where to go and what to do from this expert on Marrakech and Essaouira. Free E-book about the best hotspots in Essaouira is available for download from her blog!


We hope that you will continue to find inspiration in our blog and the blogs of our friends! 

Keep following the adventures and be part of our virtual tribe!