Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Merry Moroccan Christmas!

It's almost Christmas and even though Morocco is a muslim country a lot of people tend to go over the top with our Christmas decorations here. The bigger luxury hotels fly in star stylists to arrange their Christmas decorations and in most expat homes you find a cosy Christmas feeling.

Nobody does it better: Royal Mansour at Christmas time.

However, Christmas in Marrakech is sunny, around 20c and filled with blue skies and palm trees. You can still swim outside and enjoy sunny lunches on the roof terraces. But once the sun sets you and the lights go on you can get into the holiday spirit here as well.

Marrakech in December

A very stylish Christmas tree
A cosy log fire at our second home in Marrakech, Es Saadi Palace
The Es Saadi Christmas tree
And here is the Christmas tree at La Sultana
Christmas with a Moroccan twist

Holiday feeling at Villa Anouk in Essaouira.
Dinner by the fire at Palais Khum.


Christmas tree at beautiful Riad Idra

Oh, and some also decorate skulls for Christmas!


Some Christmas preparations at Riad Arabe!

Some Swedish elks running free in Stockholm this Christmas!
This year we will spend Christmas and New Year in Italy so we did not decorate our Riad Arabe that much, just a small tree and some ornaments. Honestly it's a bit hard to get into the traditional Christmas mood here in Northern Africa. We prefer to enjoy the weather and remember why we left the dark and cold North to settle down here.
Nothing but blue skies in December here in the red city.

Enjoy Christmas, wherever you are!

Holiday Greetings from Morocco

(Some of the amazing photos are from the website of Royal Mansour)